Bihar with golden history is shrunk to its abysmal law

Bihar with golden history is shrunk to its abysmal law, the state is now known for its gundagardi, for the burden of poverty with least of the civic senses, corruption and unemployment. But it is also true that at the cost of Bihar other state developed, it was a mineral state with rich natural resources, the industrial policies that chose Bihar as the destination were very much aware of the presence of cheap labour there. Yes the Biharis were foolish that they never raised the issue that they never asked for decent life..

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A business owner and former Prince George County police officer, joined Post 105 eight years ago as a member of the Sons of the American Legion. Knows your name, everybody friendly. It so not Bethesda well, actually it is Bethesda, but it Bethesda 40 years ago.

Wow. I hate that this kind of willful abuse only nets up to six months per case, although with 32 instances, that would equal 16 years in prison. Perhaps rather than putting the man in jail for that long, prosecutors should seek payment to the rescue groups that have taken these horses (and donkey) into their care.

In the audience of 80 plus (which got a few opportunities to speak) sat community board members; community activists; New York State Senator Tom Duane; City Council member Thomas White; Sandee Wright of the Whiskey Ward; Amy Sacco of Bungalow 8; and reps from Crobar, the Roxy, Mr. Black, and Guest House. The four hours went fast, and the dialogue touched briefly on topics like changing the 311 anonymous call system, raising the club entry age, and assessing the controversial proposals for Paid Detail Units officers paid by the clubs to monitor heavily populated nightlife areas..

“You know, you got to sign for the kids. And our guys will stop, and they will sign. The kids who come to the Iceplex and they hang over (the glass) our guys will sign all that stuff. The monthly fee is based on the number of pages you print, not how much ink you use. So whether you print one word per page or cover every sheet with dense illustrations, the cost is the same. The printer monitors your monthly page count and automatically contacts HP to order ink refills whenever you run low.

Now I start to feel guilty. It not my birthday, not really. My birthday was yesterday, and I spent it ill and full of regret, and that nobody fault but my own. The false messages from the Prime Minister, and ministers Canavan and Frydenberg may have short term appeal for those paying high power prices, but their messages harm the ultimate aim of moving to clean energy. Renewable energy will be cheaper in the long run because its costs are falling ever faster and because it is needed for Australia’s future economic competitiveness. Furthermore, as doctors, we can say that every solar, wind or storage development replaces fossil fuel energy diminishing a cause of human and environmental harm.