South IndiaAndaman Islands

White sandy beaches stretch endlessly on the fringes of this archipelago; a place to rest your head and drink in the crisp air, or a place to find one of the world’s last swimming elephants! The islands, with their quirks and joyous abandon seem to want to erase the ugliness that plagues their past. At Ross and Viper Islands, you can catch a glimpse of the glory and gory of the past. These anomalies of the Indian Subcontinent, far removed from the mainland are unparalleled in the splendid diving sites and emerald waters, but intriguing in the protected corners that many tribes call home.

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Baratang Island

Known for its limestone cave formations and more importantly the aggressive Jarawa Tribe, this protected reserve is a quiet getaway from the raucous beach life on the other islands.

Barren Island

Home to India’s only active volcano, this is a must visit on most anyone’s list.

Viper Island

Infamous Viper Island lost the status quo when a larger jail was constructed near Port Blair. Home to the first torturous jail the British set up, it is now just one dilapidated wall away from truly being an untouched island.

Ross Island

A quick ferry ride away from the main island, this is a historian’s paradise – a timeless reminder of how a nation thousands of miles away could rule with an iron fist. It also serves as a reminder that no one can withstand the wrath of Nature.

Neil Island

With its picturesque villages and friendly inhabitants, Neil Island is just a little too connected to really feel like it is an entire universe away! But hop on a bicycle and melt away into the coconut tree lined beach roads that all lead to the same place.


A very popular spot for the tourists, many remain here for the entirety of their vacation and it’s easy to see why. The superb diving spots, white beaches and little beach huts are all encompassing of a perfect beach getaway.

Port Blair

With a healthy mix of Indians from the coastal states of the mainland and a few historical monuments, Port Blair makes for a great stop along your way to the more secluded islands.

  • Preferred Properties

    Sinclairs Bay View, Port Blair
  • Preferred Properties

    Sea Princess Beach Resort, Port Blair
  • Preferred Properties

    The Infiniti, Andamans
  • Preferred Properties

    Barefoot at Havelock, Havelock Island
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