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Delhi is always at war with itself, not on the streets but in character. Although separated by time, Old Delhi and New Delhi offer something for the discerning traveller. They are the two sides of a coin, one comfortable in living off its legacy while the other, a booming metropolis trying to quickly outgrow the shadow of its former self. The region draws people from far and wide with the lure of technological advancements and never-a-dull-moment lifestyle. Delhi is where street food, Mughal architecture, war memorials, charming bazaars and boisterous parades come together. The powerhouse of the nation, the heart of democracy… it is the ‘Gateway to India’.

Unique Experiences

Qutb Minar Dilli Haat Akshardham Temple India Gate Rashtrapathi Bhavan Red Fort Chandni Chowk Paranthe Wali Gali
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Paranthe Wali Gali

It’s best known for the Indian flatbread stuffed with vegetables and served with exotic subzis and chutneys all up and down the lane.

Chandni Chowk

Once India’s grandest marketplace, the moonlight would reflect softly over the central pool which would then bounce off the shops and bathe the place in light. You can find anything and everything here.

Red Fort

Built of unimaginable riches and silver lined domes above red sandstone structures, the Red Fort is an imposing structure on the banks of the River Yamuna. History buffs are sure to feel right at home.

Rashtrapathi Bhavan

The President’s Residence overlooks Rajpath which is engulfed in a sea of soldiers come Republic Day. The grand parade showcases India’s Defense Capability, and Cultural & Social Heritage.

India Gate

The metaphorical gateway is a war memorial with the names of Indian soldiers from WWI and the Afghan Wars inscribed on the walls. It is a testament to those who keep the country safe and free.

Akshardham Temple

You can’t miss the first light and water show which brings to life a mythological story from the Kena Upanishad, staged at the Lotus Fountain.

Qutb Minar

The Mughals who ruled from Delhi brought the first Indo-Islamic structure to the country. The Qutb Minar complex has a number of attractions for the historian and the architect.

Dilli Haat

The Crown Jewel of all bazaars, Dilli Haat buzzes with activity from sunup to sundown. Arguably the best place to gorge down street food, it also has a beautiful collection of crafts.

  • Preferred Properties

    The Imperial, Delhi
  • Preferred Properties

    ITC Maurya, Delhi
  • Preferred Properties

    The Leela Palace, Delhi
  • Preferred Properties

    The Lodhi, Delhi
  • Preferred Properties

    The Roseate, Delhi
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