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If ever there was a state in India dedicated to the arts, it was Karnataka. In its heyday, the ruling class celebrated with much pomp and splendour, playing patrons and showering artisans with gifts of land and gold. Music and dance filled the air with stages springing up across the region. Today, a shadow is all that remains – crumbling ruins on one side and a metropolitan giant on the other. Bengaluru by all means has culture hiding in its side streets, yet is only touted as the Silicon Valley of India. The unexplored church that sinks at high tide and the fantastic seaside town of Mangalore are just a few of the hidden gems of Karnataka. We’ll break down what’s what and take you to the most exotic places the state has to offer.

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The coastal town of Mangaluru has just enough to keep things interesting but still feels like an offbeat adventure destination. It’s famed for its spicy seafood, so feel free to indulge!


This lowkey, party-free sibling of Goa offers long stretches of blissful coastlines that you can enjoy from your beachside cottage.


At the precipice between Karnataka and Kerala, the quiet Kabini River is a haven for animals and birds of stunning variety. A quick boat ride will open your world to the wilderness.


The rapid decline of a Vijayanagara stronghold is surprising, yet the ruins of decaying rock-cut temples are just as awe-inspiring as they must have been in their heyday. The Tungabhadra Dam and Hippie Island are especially interesting getaways nearby.


The emerald landscapes of Coorg captivate with endless walking trails in the Deccan. The geneaology of the locals are as enticing as the aromas of coffee and spices that overwhelm the senses. The ideal Coorgi experience is deeper into the plantations, far from the watchful eyes of vacationing Bangaloreans.


A trinity of exquisitely carved temples (Halebidu, Sravanabelagola, Belur), lies radially from the quaint town of Hassan making it an ideal stop along your journey.


The legacy of the Rulers of Mysore rings clear to this day in the parks and palace that they left behind. A walk through the many bylanes of the city to the flower market or the countless archaic structures offers a peek into the cultural prowess of the region.


This is an historic site marking the fall of Mysore Royalty at the hands of the British East India company. However, the town is best known for the extravagant Stone Temple built on the river island.



A cultural bombshell overshadowed by the booming IT hub makes for excellent companions and warm or loud welcomes, depending where you go. You’ll encounter hipsters chatting while drinking craft beer and riding around in ’80s metal band T-shirts with their hair billowing in the cool Bangalore breeze.

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    KAAV Safari Lodge, Kabini
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    Orange County, Coorg & Kabini
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    Royal Orchid Metropole, Mysuru
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    Shreyas Yoga Retreat, Bengaluru
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