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Moonlike craters, cottages hanging precipitously on the edges of cliffs, the muted whirr of prayer wheels, come together in the fore while inexplicable landscapes rise in the background as far as the eye can see. You can experience a different sunset here every day and never tire of the colours splashed across the sky. The people of Ladakh are few and far between, but very resourceful. They have many lessons to offer if you look close enough; their large, mud homes are essentially self-sustaining with the natural heating, organic gardens, tsampa and chhang. For a truly immersive experience, and a chance to find yourself without the cacophony of thronging tourists, take a chance on Ladakh.

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Pangong-lake Ladakh Leh Nubra-valley
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Pangong Lake

Unpaved lakeside trails, the uninhabited shores of a large lake and the vivid blues of the sky and the water paint a surreal picture in the mind. Rest assured, the actual views will far surpass anything you could possibly imagine.

Nubra Valley

The oasis villages nestled between dunes are an exciting find for first timers to the region. But if you’re here for culture as much as nature, then the Balti people will provide much food for thought. A sect of practicing Muslims steeped in the Buddhist traditions of Tibet will leave you questioning selfish acts of humanity.


The many stupas and gompas that dot the region speak volumes of the Buddhist culture that flourished here. But the flipside to that coin is Paradise on Earth; the side that draws visitors back into its fold repeatedly. The glassy lakes and clear night skies dotted with stars are a beautiful sight to behold.


This desert city is an intricate potpourri of small lanes, overlooked by the incongruous Potala Palace designed after the Dalai Lama’s abode. Once a popular stop for trading caravans, they have been replaced by four wheel drives and rugged motorbikes.

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    The Grand Dragon, Leh
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    The Ultimate Travelling Camp, THiksey
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