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If you’re looking for a wholesome experience to satisfy all your curiosities at once, look no further than Central India. In one of the largest national parks of India, bibliophiles can see why Rudyard Kipling set his ‘Jungle Book’ here and naturalists find excitement in the famous tigresses – Collarwali and Badimata. Spiritual souls find solace in the Ujjaini temples by the Kshipra, a peaceful getaway from an otherwise chaotic city. The architectural styles of structures, whether the temples of Ujjain & Khajuraho or the fort at Gwalior speak tomes to the architecturally inclined, while the historians are enraptured by the gallery of cave paintings dating back to the Paleolithic Era. But not everything is serious business. An emerging metropolis – Indore has incredible street food that will leave foodies drooling. In essence, Madhya Pradesh is an amalgamation of India; a one stop shop for all travellers.

Unique Experiences

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Trace the origins of the Indian Stone Age back to its roots. The rock shelters at Bhimbetka offer a glimpse into the lives of Homo Erectus from at least 100,000 years ago!


Harking great historical importance, the Stupa at Sanchi housing Buddhist relics, was an engineering marvel of its time. Built of bricks, the oldest building in all of India provides a quiet look into her past.


Probably the oldest and most important political center of many centuries ago, this city held special rank in the hearts of those wishing to conquer India. Don’t you want to find out what makes this place tick?

Satpura NP

The terrain of this park is what makes it interesting in the home of tiger reserves. With rolling hills and extensive flat lands, simply walking around this park is an exciting adventure!

Kanha NP

The largest tiger reserve and national park in India, is home to tigers, leopards, sloth bears and more!

Bandhavgarh NP

If you’re looking for a rare opportunity to spot a Royal Bengal Tiger as well as a white one, you’re looking in the right place! The varying tropical and grassland ecosystem is also home to a multitude of bird species!

Panna NP

Once recipient of Award of Excellence, the park speaks of a sad state of affairs. Tigers from the area fell victim to poaching and all that remains is a faint whisper of their once majestic kingdom.

Pench NP

Named for the Pench river that flows through this lush reserve, it is believed to have been the stage for Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book. Throw on some shades and head through the forests to discover lazing tigers and beautiful fauna.


The temples at Khajuraho are 22 in number, though it is hard to tell if those who worshiped here could peel their eyes off the intricate carvings on the stone walls. The erotic carvings intertwined with the mythological, draws visitors into a rabbit hole of emotions.


Commonly known as the Hampi of Central India, Mandu offers an exciting sunset experience from the ruins of Rupmati’sPavillion. Other architectural grandeurs that dot the scenery are Nil Kanth Palace, Jahaz Mahal and Hoshang’s Tomb.


The quaint town of Orccha is perfect for those looking for seclusion in their travels. This hamlet retains its old world charm with boutique hotels and palaces reminiscent of the Bundela Era; an attraction for history buffs to say the least.


From the Vedic Age to the time of the Mutiny, Gwalior has remained sought after for its high vantage points and now it is a rich potluck of temples and forts for the history buffs.


An explorer’s paradise, seemingly crowded Indore offers an interesting combination of palaces, temples, parks and waterfalls crashing amidst lush green canopies. One of the most popular temples in the world – Omkareshwar is also just a couple hours from here.


Bhopal’s alleys and streets are a revelation for travellers. The past blends seamlessly with modernization giving the city its own identity, discovered through the Taj-Ul-Masjid, Indira Gandhi Museum of Man, the twin lakes and Gufa Mandir.

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