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In ages past, Punjab was a large spread of villages. Today, the sense of rural living still persists with most remaining in the countryside, although it is one of the more prosperous states in the country. Punjabis love their greenery and the outdoors, but what they love more is their weddings and food. The warmth and hospitality of the people overflows any way you turn, though a smile doesn’t detract from their proud and valiant lineage. Punjab has the rare honour of enrolling Sikh soldiers to the highest decorated regiment of the Indian Army. Their war cry, “Bole So Nihal, Sat Sri Akal” meaning ‘Victory belongs to those; Who recite the name of God with a true Heart’ is an insight into the god-fearing, pure-hearted souls that fight for the nation. So take a stroll through the lanes of villages and lose yourself in nature, songs, national pride and delectable bites.

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Patiala Chandigarh Pragpur Hoshiarpur Amritsar
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Patiala has an engrossing military history to tout. But when it comes to monuments, the Qila Mubarak with its imposing gate, maze of courtyards and frescoed rooms takes the cake.


Ancient developments from the time of the Harappans have been discovered here. There’s also a temple where a blue flame is worshiped, and the mangoes are simple to die for!


Nestled in the Kangra Valley, a rare form of painting developed in the region. Ancient temples touted to be millennia old look nondescript from the anterior but the innards open up a whole new world. Beautiful murals dot the walls and a few miles away, the old village of Pragpur stands with open gates.


Holding the mantle of India’s first planned city is not quite easy. With a number of unusual sights, the city is contemporary and comfortable in every sense. The parks, monuments and expansive boulevards have a classic Swiss town feel.


A visit to the holiest shrines of Sikhs around the world, the gilded Golden Temple, is a humbling experience. Catching the golden sunrise over the Golden Temple is surreal. A few metres from the shrine however, the bustling city sweeps you up in waves of youth and excitement.

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    Punjabiyat, Amritsar
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    Judge’s Court, Pragpur
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    Hyatt, Amritsar
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    Citrus County, Hoshiarpur
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    Bharatgarh Fort, Rupnagar
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