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Awaken every morning as the delightful scent of jasmine and hot idlis waft through the air, while the sound of Suprabatham rings clear through the silent dawn. Start the day with a cuppa – once you go filter coffee, you won’t go back. Tamil Nadu abounds architectural marvels like the Brihadeeswara Temple in Thanjavur, as well as one of the largest fashion hubs in Chennai. Culture and festivals take a front seat in this destination, but it also lays claim to the world’s second longest, uninterrupted coastline. And before you call us out on it, no we did not forget Rajinikanth. Catch a movie of his and you might just leave with a little stardust in your eyes.

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The erstwhile capital of many dynasties that ruled the land, Trichy has a slew of temples, the most popular of which is The Rock Fort Temple. The Trichy Dam is also a popular spot to catch a memorable sun set.


The hill station of choice for backpackers and honeymooners, it is somewhat low-key when compared to sister Ooty. But with it’s lush greenery and charming trails through the woods, it will keep you wanting to remain in the cool, spring air.


An important backdrop for the great Indian epic – Ramayana – the place is to this day an exciting spot along the East Coast. Always bustling with activity, legends speak of the floating stone bridge that persists beneath rising seas.


As the southernmost tip of India, it holds great strategic value. But thousands throng here every year for religious reasons. The sands of Kanyakumari when dissolved in the Ganges are said to bring absolution.


Best known for the Brihadeeswara Temple, it might not seem like much, this place gave birth to the intricate art of carving a veena and the glorious Tanjore paintings. Nearby Gangaikondacholapuram, the erstwhile capital of the Cholas has some interesting temple ruins.


The great Chettinad region, rich in riches and warm welcomes is the quintessential Tamil countryside. Chock-full of farms and illustrious homes, Karaikudi will leave you wanting for more.


The town that truly helped Tamil Nadu earn the mantle of Temple State. Religion and textiles go hand in hand here. Leave with a Kanchipuram saree and it will become a treasured heirloom.


Pondicherry is Chennai’s weekend getaway. Faces will light up at the sound of its name. Former French Pondicherry has given way to chic boutiques and hippie adventurers.


This Pallava pride was a bustling sea port in a bygone era. The ruins of soft-rock cut monoliths are all that remain. Mahabalipuram’s pride today lies in scrumptious cuisine of the piscine variety.


The heady aroma of freshly picked tea leaves is a heavenly introduction to Ooty, a hill station smothered with colourful homes. Nearby Coonoor offers some great experiences like cheese-making.


Grand mustachioed, brave men are the archetype of Madurai. Oppositely The scent of wild jasmine flowers will captivate as Meenakshi beckons to her holy abode.


Starry-eyed wanderers of the South eventually find themselves in this metropolitan that welcomes all. A calculated smorgasbord of everything you could think of.

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